Not much has been happing over the last year programming-wise but I am now married to my beautiful wife Kerry! We went to Ireland on our honeymoon during the summer and I could probably fill a blog post with that trip!

Other notable technical miscellany

Moving away from Django at work

At work we are moving to micro-services and using flask to do this. Flask seems like the lesser of many bad python web-frameworks. Not a huge fan of thread locals and globals but at least flask is simple.

I may break down and write my own framework someday (as if the world needs another one).

Frustrated with python

Getting more into functional programming which creates friction when working with python. You can write in a functional style surprisingly well using packages like pyrsistent and simplegeneric.

The biggest problem actually is the python community--which is awesome but generally not making libraries that work this way. For example flask seems like a nice library but it uses thread locals. Falcon also looks nice but mutates an object in the simplest front page example!

Looking at communities like clojure or other functional languages and I am getting envious.

Trying out ocaml and other languages

I have dipped my toes into a couple languages this year. The most notable and new addition is ocaml. I am trying out ocaml since it is kind of how I have started programming in python for the most part (or at least how imagined ocaml). So far it seems to have a lot of nice things but quite a few odd short comings like no concept of "repr" built in.

Also its community seems less vibrant than python and the documentation of many libraries does not seem as nice. Many libraries also seem to be abandoned.

So far the best resource in learning it has been the online book Real World OCaml. I would recommend since unlike python ocaml's manual really isn't a good enough resource to learn everything you need from.

Future blog updates

  • I have started a new project so I will probably post on that soon.
  • More ocaml thoughts once I know enough to post something intelligent.