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Too many side projects

I have forsaken working on my space tactics game to work on side projects. I felt a bit overwhelmed with the design and scope of the game. If I do go back to it I might start with the over-world and prototype something there. I think the idea has merit still.

Here are some of these projects I have dabbled in since my last post which was ages ago:

Side scroller
Where you are a corgi exploring planets in space similar to something like commander keen or space man spiff. Wrote this in haxe but it never really got past a prototype level. HaxePunk and tiled are pretty great tools for building a side-scroller but my inspiration for the design of the game kind of evaporated.
Match 3 game
Also in haxe has some variations that I am playing with which could be cool. Still working on this and it is coming along pretty well. The trickiest part here is the design of the game itself. Though haxe at many points has tested my patience far beyond most normal software development tools.
I am building a robot out of a cheap tank chassis I found on amazon. I have the chassis and gearbox build and a arduino with a motor shield that was miraculously able to solder correctly driving it. Need some kind housing for the arduino and I need to hook this all up to a raspberry-pi and a battery. After that I can add some sonar and SLAM to it.
Random Rust experiments
Started writing a toy lisp interpreter and playing with Piston over the weekend. Technology and community seems promising though I doubt rust will replace anything beyond c/c++ in my set of tools.

I think any one of these could probably be blog post. I have used haxe enough now to see its warts (and still keep using it). I think I am a ways off for rust but it is interesting enough I could probably rant on it at length already.

Here is my new corgi Pontus' reaction to the test of my robot's motor shield: