I am still not quite ready to blog about ocaml so I thought I would post about something completely different: my honeymoon trip!

I mentioned in my last post I got married last year and the ceremony was awesome and small by the beach in Washington.

Even more fun was our honeymoon which took place in Ireland. We ended up traveling counter clockwise around the circumference of the island starting in Dublin.

Dublin was a remarkable city in that it has quite a bit of history but also seems to have an interesting nightlife and food in and around the temple bar district.

Once we left Dublin I started driving and that was quite interesting. Driving on the opposite side of the road you are used to is an interesting mental exercise. Many of Ireland's small rural roads make this even more fun.

If I had to summarize what I liked most of all of Ireland I would say that despite being heavily cultivated in areas for farming it retains a natural beauty that is hard to match. The greens are so much more vibrant than anywhere in Washington State. The coasts and beaches are remarkable in and of themselves.

The only downside it is a bit touristy in places. We spent quite a bit of time waiting in lines and paying fees to see things. If you do make a trip to Ireland I recommend driving since it is the countryside itself that is quite remarkable.